Anonymous said: new Booth is an asshole. i hope it'll be fine soon



he’s not an asshole, he’s going through a tough period in his life, is not easy for him, and to top it all some real ASSHOLE killed his friend, a guy he loved as family as a little brother, how do you think he should react??



He is going through a very tough time, watch the episodes and you will see and understand. Leave him alone.

This is not new Booth, this is transitory PTSD afflicted Booth, the anger has always been under the surface. Shit happens, he’ll be back to happy Booth but people grieve in different ways. Real people can be assholes when they’re grieving, its what makes the show interesting. The “heroes” are allowed to be imperfect, makes them all the more releatable


Booth’s a pressure-cooker right now.  It’s in his character to bottle up rage - rage that comes from being betrayed and attacked himself, yes, but more importantly, he feels helpless that he can’t protect those he loves.

Booth likes to ‘fix things’ remember? And his frustration and anguish at not being able to set this situation right is bound to boil over - and he’ll lash out.

Let’s see, Booth was attacked in his home and almost murdered. His wife was almost murdered in the same attack. The FBI which he has always been proud to work for betrayed him and had him arrested for murder. While in prison he was attacked by inmates which prison guards didn’t stop. Prison guards only interfered when Booth had the upper hand. Due process was denied him and his trial kept being pushed back. Once he was out he found he had little support from the FBI except for an FBI agent that we know little about. Next Booth’s friend whom he considered a brother was murdered. To top it off Booth suffers from PTSD which he first got while serving in Iraq and was tortured as a prisoner of war and has been aggravated by his false imprisonment.

So your idea of an asshole and my idea of an asshole don’t seem to gel. If anything Booth is acting with more restraint than I thought he would.

If you really wish to debate character development stop asking questions as anonymous. Your verbal hand grenades are ridiculous at best.


NEWS/ Bones Sneak Peek: Booth Will Do Whatever it Takes to Avenge Sweets’ Death (x)

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